About Us

Being the creators and international distributors of Incababy brand, we are an Austrian-based multicultural company committed to representing European baby products with premium quality and superior design.

All our products are made in Europe and are made of high quality, baby-friendly materials meeting the most stringent certifications.

We believe that we must provide the best products for children in the broadest range possible, to ensure that premium quality is not a privilege.

Bearing in mind the protection and long-term sustainability of our environment, we prefer natural raw materials.

Our philosophy is that instead of invalidating the knowledge and experience accumulated by mankind, it should rather be developed further in line with modern-day needs and with the help of modern technology. 

We created our child swings accordingly, with the purpose of merging the modern European design and technology with several-thousand-years-old South-American traditions.

Different parts of the world have developed different practices in bringing up and developing children, as well as in ensuring their uninterrupted relaxation.

Folks of the nature have worked out particularly practical assets over the millennia.

Their approach, which is different from that of the Europeans, is not only very effective, but also resulted in exceptionally simple solutions - which are in perfect harmony with the environment and with the use of natural raw materials.

Applying this traditional knowledge, the swings and accessories of Incababy offer modern, high-quality products based on well-tried and traditional principles.

We sell our products all over Europe with excellent manufacturing conditions, high-quality marketing assets and with an outstanding distribution network under remarkably favourable - even individualized - reseller conditions with fast delivery and reliable warranty services.